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moving / transport.

Do you need help with a complete move or transport of furniture? Then you've come to the right place. We help you with moving & transport of everything you might need to transport.

Do you want to be satisfied? Book transport/moving in Stockholm and Gothenburg now!

trusted by.

moving/transport all in one service

Time for a new home or have you bought furniture at Blocket? Let us make the transport/move smooth and worry-free! 

We not only offer transport and moving, but also make sure to help with packing, unpacking, and removal of excess things and materials. All under one roof.

Our goal? That you should feel safe, avoid stress and do the hard work yourself. Let us make your move/transport a hassle-free experience.

moving and transport youth power

+20,000 pcs


10 years


+10,000 pcs




staff youth power

affordable & professional.

Our Runners are not just educated and experienced, but also nice & fluent in both Swedish and English, which guarantees a hassle-free service from start to finish.

Regardless of whether it concerns the transport of a small chair or the move of an entire villa, we make sure thatthe job is done properly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Do you want help with moving/transport in Stockholm or Gothenburg without worries?

Book us - Where quality and customer satisfaction always come first!

become one of our satisfied customers.

insured & satisfaction guarantee.

When you choose us to help you with the move or transport, we not only offer a top-class service, but also complete security.

All our services areinsured through Trygg Hansa with comprehensive insurance. The insurance applies both during the course of the work and on the way to and from the assignment.

In addition, we stand behind the quality of our work with asatisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our work, we will make it right. 

youth power insurance


For your security


Swedish & English 


Trained staff


50% discount

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what does it cost?

Ugh, the boring part but oh so important of course! In short, we have different prices depending on which service you want help with.

For move/transport we offer hourly billing. This is because there are many parameters that come into play, which makes it difficult to offer a guaranteed fixed price directly here on the web.

Price per hour: SEK 790/h incl. VAT and RUT deductions. The price includes 2 people, transport vehicle and everything in between. No hidden fees

questions & answers.

do you have your own car?

Yes, we have a light truck with a rear lift where most people enter. Our truck has the dimensions:

Width: 210 cm
Height: 210 cm
Depth: 420 cm

who is that coming?

Our runners who come to you are carefully selected from all the applications we receive, have undergone the interview and training required to perform the service in the best way.

what are you taking away?

We can remove basically everything possible. Most things can be solved with our talented runners.

how do I pay?

After completed work, you will receive an invoice and specification of the work via email / post. The invoice must then be paid within 15 days from when it was issued.

are you insured?

Yes! In the unlikely event that our runner is injured or something goes wrong on site, our insurance covers this.

do you speak Swedish and English?

Yes, all runners are fluent in both Swedish and English so that the communication between you can work.

Do I need to be home?

If our runners have access to everything  and received clear instructions on what to do, you do not need to be at home when the service is performed.

can you make purchases? 

Yes! We are happy to help with that. 

do you also transport/move offices?

Yes! We can help you as a business customer and move/transport what you point to. For example, move the entire office from A-B. Contact us and we'll talk further! 

become one of many satisfied customers.

our offices.

Our primary areas of operation are Stockholm and Gothenburg and the surrounding area, but with our "we-fix-it" mentality, we can help you wherever you live!

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