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STHLM: 08-517 082 81 (Weekdays - 08:30-17:00)
GBG: 031-320 41 80 (Weekdays -

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what does it cost?

Ugh, the boring part but oh so important of course! In short, we have different prices depending on which service you want help with.

removal,furniture assembly,wall mount, we offer fixed prices. With the help of our "example prices" you get a good estimate of what you can expect in terms of price. Click on the services here in the text or navigate to the respective service through the menu to see the "example prices".

For our other services
, we offer hourly billing. This is because there are many parameters that come into play, which makes it difficult to offer a guaranteed fixed price.


*For RUT/ROT assignments, according to the law, we are required to include an invoice line for "Service Vehicle/Call-out Fee".

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For your security


Swedish & English 


Trained staff


50% discount

our offices.

Our primary areas of operation are Stockholm and Gothenburg and the surrounding area, but with our "we-fix-it" mentality, we can help you wherever you live!

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