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we help the youth out into working life.

We help you as a private person with household-related services and your company with everything from fish cleaning to hiring staff for offices. Most things can be solved with our "we'll-fix-it" mentality. 

trusted by.

how it all started.

Since we started in 2014, our journey has been anything but boring. It all started with the student cap in hand, when three best friends decided to create their own jobs and a desire to change the way adults often see young people, as lazy and careless.

With SEK 0 in start-up capital and with our time as the only asset, it was just a matter of winding up. We handed out flyers, posted in various Facebook groups and tried to get jobs from loved ones.

Ungdomskraft Handelsbolag was started, the jobs started rolling in, we borrowed the parents' car, rented free trailers and helped private individuals with everything between heaven and earth.


Our "we-fix-it-mentality" was and is the reason why Ungdomskraft was shaped into what we are today.


Ungdomskraft founder 2014

+20,000 pcs


10 years


+10,000 pcs




Ungdomskraft founder 2019

it's going alright...

If we fast forward a bit and jump to 2019 when the next big event happens. Two of the founders decide to drop out and one remains, who decides to continue the journey together with a new person.

In connection with this, a joint stock company is also being started and it will be a bit of a "fresh start" for Ungdomskraft. In addition to the fact that we are now a limited company, we are also moving into our first office, helping large corporate clients with their vehicle fleets while continuing the business with household services. 


In the first year as a limited company, we close the books on SEK 7.8 million in turnover, 15 employees and our own office.
Ungdomskraft AB is up and running! 


and now?

Agree, now we fast forward and sum up the coming years:

2020 - We get kicked out of our office (for loud AW apparently). SEK 8 million in turnover, 20 employees.

2021 - New office in Frihamnen. SEK 13.5 million in turnover, 30 employees

2022 - We change offices again, SEK 22 million in turnover, 45 employees. We open up operations in Gothenburg.

2023 - We expand the current office, turnover SEK 29 million, 55 employees. We also take the opportunity to win one DI Gasell

2024 - To be continued...


Youth power gazelle 2024


For your security


Swedish & English 


Trained staff


50% discount

our offices.

Our primary areas of operation are Stockholm and Gothenburg and the surrounding area, but with our "we-fix-it" mentality, we can help you wherever you live!

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